Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winding down

I've finished my Christmas shopping and did my main grocery shop yesterday. I was a bit surprised that it wasn't terribly busy in Sainsburys. I bet everyones waiting until the very last few minutes of Christmas eve and then they'll all rush in and wonder why theres nothing left!

I really don't enjoy food shopping at all the only kind of shopping I enjoy is thrifty shopping at fairs and markets and shopping for arty and crafty stuff.

Today I'm cooking us a big chicken that'll do us for the 3 days until Christmas as we'll have a roast chicken dinner today then tomorrow we'll have some cold with chips and salad then I'll turn whats left into a sweet and sour stir fry.

I've been sitting watching tv and making some vintage altered slide mounts. I love making these and I use them to add to cards, altered cds and in collages and on the front of decorated notebooks.

I take an ordinary blank plastic slide mount and cover it with pretty printed paper (sometimes I age the edges with ink or add some embossing powder or glitter) then I add a miniature vintage portrait from collage sheets or my collection of old postacrds and photos and decorate it with a vintage button, bits of ribbon, or anything else which takes my fancy.

They're only tiny but I think each ones a little mini artwork in itself.

I'm always looking for more different ways to use them - any ideas?


RR said...

thanks very much im glad that you like.
i know what you mean i dont like shopping for neccesaries in winter.

i would love to hibernate through the whole winter months hehe

hope your well

and have a merry christmas

Mel♥ said...

Hey Janet stop by my blog and have a peak at who won my giveaway!!


Wanda said...

Hi i have been blog hopping and found you, so I best say Hello. I like your slide mounts such pretty colors and vintage looking pictures. Vey nice. I live in the P.N.W. and we have had a freak snow storm with about a foot of snow, so I have been amusing myself on the computer. Thanks for the visit. TTFN

Wanda said...

Hi me again, thanks for the visit. It is snowing as I type. My hubby put the chains on the car to take our daughter to work, I am worried the roads are covered and some are closed. We havn't had weather like this for 40 years. The Pacific N.W is on the west coast, and includes Oregon, Washington, @ parts of Idaho,and maybe some of northern California.
So basicly the upper N.W part on the map of the U.S.
Say warm and enjoy your crafting. TTFN

Linanna DESIGNS said...

HI HUN, These pieces of work are stunning. i have enjoyed browsing your blog. I left a comment on this post
i would love to purchase some of these purple necklaces, can you possibly email me on i know its the wrong time of year, so in the new year will be fine hun. Hope you have a fabulous christmas, hugs Linda x

MelMel said...

Put mirror behind and they become posh make up could make little matching cases!

I'm feeling so much better, i've even managed to make something today!



Net said...

Loving your stuff Jan!

I still have the beautiful bracelet you made for me - my favourite!

Emma said...

Loving your following now.
Emma x