Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Snow today

Well, I now know its winter. We had a good overnight layer of snow and some of its hung around all day. Its only the beginning of December and I'm sick of the cold already - I don't DO cold! I'm such a warm weather person it makes me wonder why I live here in Northern England where its often cold.

Having arthritis means when the temperature drops I AGE overnight and ache all over - creak, groan. Oh well the snow looks beautiful and brings out the artistic side in me so what better excuse than to stay indoors reading and crafting with a nice mug of hot chocolate.
Heres a picture of my back garden covered in snow.


MelMel said...

Poor you, hope you have warmed up and feel better in yourself....smiles

Willow said...

Love your snowy back garden! Thanks for stopping by my blog .. am going to go back now and look at your lovely beads ..
Willow x