Monday, June 08, 2009

Coriandr / Beadyjan / Nebula earrings

Coriandr / Beadyjan / Nebula earrings

I've just listed some new earrings to my Coriandr shop.

The Nebula Earrings are a little more elaborate than my usual simple earrings and take a little more time to create.

They are made by taking a facetted crystal bead and brickstitching around it with toning and contrasting beads, then adding a pretty dangling fringe.

They are suspended from 100% surgical steel ear wires as are all my handmade earrings as these are really the ONLY wires I can wear in my own sensitive ears apart from gold and whats good enough for me is good enough for my customers.

At a recession busting price of just £5.00 a pair they are available in a wide choice of different colours just email your preference and I'll make a pair just for you.
Oh and as someone so nicely asked me the other day if I will ship items abroad - yes I'll send them to USA, Canada, Australia and anywhere in the EU - in fact if you'd like to buy any item I've made I'll be happy to quote you shipping costs to your country, wherever you live as long as you pay by Paypal, just contact me by email

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Wired pink floral heart pendant on ribbon thong

Wired pink floral heart pendant on ribbon thong
Originally uploaded by Beadyjan

Just finished this pretty pink heart pendant on wire with a little coil at the bottom. I've added it to a silvery grey ribbon and cord thong.

Buy this for just £5 now at my Coriandr shop