Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Making room for crafting

I've been busy trying to keep my new years resolution - to start clearing some space in my craft room. Wow how DID all that stuff get in there anyway?

I'm a serious hoarder and sometimes get overcluttered and it begins to make me feel stressed, so I'm taking it a bit at a time and trying to have a craft de-stash of some of the items I'll never use.

Firstly I've begun with some scrapbooking supplies and tag books and journals that I've made and will never use. Hopefully someone else will be able to put them to good use and if I get something for them, even if its nowhere near as much as I bought them for (blush) maybe I'll be able to buy a new storage unit to keep things tidy?

Please have a look in my Folksy shop for more crafty supplies (as well as my usual handmade jewellery)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Happy New Year

I just want to wish A Very Happy New Year to all my crafting friends and fellow bloggers.

I know it's a little late but I've been enjoying an alternative Christmas by sunning myself in Tenerife. We spent the festive season over there chilling out and relaxing and have come back with the batteries recharged and ready to face the remainder of winter, if not with a smile at least with a bit of a tan!

Here's just a few of the many photos I took.