Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Beady eyed

I finally got my eyes tested last week after putting it off longer than I should have - to find that I really do need new specs especially for close up work. I've got my new varifocals on order and am getting really impatient to have my new specs as beading has been becoming a real problem visually for me and as one who lives to bead thats making me a not very happy bunny!

I've decided to make a special offer to any of you bloggers who buy any jewellery items from my website for Christmas - I am offering 10% discount plus FREE uk postage and packing until the end of November.

So if you're looking for unique, reasonably priced gifts or stocking fillers please take a look and email me with your requirements and mention the name of my blog to claim your 10% off.

Pictured here you can see just one of my pretty beadwork handbag charms, which can also be used as mobile phone dangles, scissor keepers or zip pulls! I can make these in a wide variety of colours.

I'll post goods to any uk address free of charge and will accept Paypal or Postal orders.

I hope you like the music video I added to my blog - I was quite proud of myself when I managed that - being a confirmed technophobe !!

Finally - It's a rubbish picture I'm afraid but heres my entry for this weeks daring cardmakers challenge - ribbon for the man in your life.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Busy weekend

Hi everyone and thanks to those who left comments on my last post, I love it when people say Hi and let me know they've passed by, so please don't be shy leave me a comment even if its only hello!

I've had a rather hectic few days and weekend. Last Wednesady evening I had a stall at a craft fayre at a local school, it was really busy and I sold quite a few cards as well as lots of beaded jewellery and sold out of "altered notebooks" I think I'd priced them a bit low but they were a great "calling bird" bringing people over to my stall many of whom bought other items too.

I had a hectic weekend, visiting friends, managed to persuade my other half to take me up to Hobbycraft at Gateshead to have a crafty spend Woo hoo.

I also treated myself to a Clippykit brag bag which I've decorated with atc's I've received in swaps.

Theres some more fab ideas for decorating them in the gallery on their website, aren't they a great idea?


I like it so much I'm going to get another and fill it with small scrapbook layouts, collage images etc.

Then today I FINALLY got round to making a card for the daring cardmakers weekly challenge ... and discovered I'm NOT that daring after all !

I have to be honest I find it very difficult to break out of my comfort zone and tend to find a style or theme I like and stick to it - which is, I guess, what these dares are all about.

Anyway I hope it's ok - you can see it here as for some reason I just cannot get a second photo to upload - maybe someone can tell me why?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A whole new months appeared!

I knew I wouldn't be very good at keeping up to date with my blog! I just seem to have so much else on the go at the moment.

First things first I have been busy updating my website with some of my latest jewellery creations which are ready for Christmas you can see them here


and heres a pic of just one of my necklaces to whet your appetite.

Hang on ..... don't dash off just yet I have some rather exciting news to share.

I recently entered the stamper of the year contest in Simply Stamping magazine. Now although I wasn't the lucky winner of one of the fabulous prizes I have had a letter from the editor saying they liked my work and would like to feature some of it in a special article with the best of the entrants who entered but didn't win!

Thats good enough for me, I've never had any of my work featured in a proper magazine before!

It will be in Issue number 8 which I believe is out early in January 2007 so do keep an eye out (even its only a tiny picture)

Finally sorry to Kathy and friends for still not having a go at the daring cardmakers challenge - the stuff everyones producing is just brilliant http://daringcardmakers.blogspot.com/

and I do keep having a look at what you've all been up to even if I haven't contributed much yet.