Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A whole new months appeared!

I knew I wouldn't be very good at keeping up to date with my blog! I just seem to have so much else on the go at the moment.

First things first I have been busy updating my website with some of my latest jewellery creations which are ready for Christmas you can see them here


and heres a pic of just one of my necklaces to whet your appetite.

Hang on ..... don't dash off just yet I have some rather exciting news to share.

I recently entered the stamper of the year contest in Simply Stamping magazine. Now although I wasn't the lucky winner of one of the fabulous prizes I have had a letter from the editor saying they liked my work and would like to feature some of it in a special article with the best of the entrants who entered but didn't win!

Thats good enough for me, I've never had any of my work featured in a proper magazine before!

It will be in Issue number 8 which I believe is out early in January 2007 so do keep an eye out (even its only a tiny picture)

Finally sorry to Kathy and friends for still not having a go at the daring cardmakers challenge - the stuff everyones producing is just brilliant http://daringcardmakers.blogspot.com/

and I do keep having a look at what you've all been up to even if I haven't contributed much yet.


Saffa said...

OOh JAn, that necklace is STUNNING!!! Your stuff is so unique and beautiful, you are a very gifted lady!

...aaaaannndddd....CONGRATS for your card! I will have yo keep a look...

Join in with our dares soonn..


Rhi said...

Congratulations Jan! Thats fab news and well deserved, you have a great style with your cards. Youre jewellery's stunning, absolutely drop dead gorgeous, Rhi x

Rachel said...

Hi Jan - didn't realise you had a blog - found you at Kathy's place. That necklace is gorgeous!!! I still haven't done any more than the one you showed me when you were down - too many things to do and not enough time these days now I am back at work.

Good Luck with the fair


Kathy said...

Jan I'm thrilled to bits that you're going to be in a magazine, how exciting is that? You deserve it.

That necklace is gorgeous - totally stunning.

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Jan - that necklace is just beautiful - I simply can't do any sort of beadwork - I'm just all fingers and thumbs - so greatly admire work like yours

Well done for you upcomin feature in the mag

thanks also for your kind comments on my blog banner


Jo said...

Fantastic news, well done you :) I will have to keep a look out. Your necklace is so stunning. You are so talented.

Jo x