Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mid week mutterings

It's Thursday already - where did the rest of this week go?

I'm trying to find the time to make a card on the theme of friendship for the challenge at Daring cardmakers blog, but unless I pull my finger out I'll miss the first challenge.

I'm getting my stock ready for a craft stall I'm having early in November, just a small event at a school nearby but its something to look forward to and plan towards. As well as making sure I have a good selection of beaded jewellery and gift items made up to fill my stall I'm also concentrating on trying to make my display more eyecatching on a shoestring!!

I got a nice crisp new cotton sheet in a dark terracotta to cover the table with and have filled some pretty picture frames with hessian fabric to hang earrings and brooches on. I bought a small wooden chest which I want to have stuff spilling out of and a couple of baskets to have small items in so I'm pretty happy with how its going to look.

I need a nice table top mirror on a stand which I can also drape a few necklaces from and which tilts at an angle so people can angle it and try on the jewellery. I'm sure I saw some small but pretty ones in Au Naturale a few months ago but they haven't got any now - typical. I've looked everywhere and come up with a big nothing.

Is anyone else dreading the onset of winter? I'm hating the dark nights already and although it's still been very mild day and night todays raining and very windy. My arthritis flares up something rotten when its damp so I've got my grumpy head on today.


Kathy said...

wheyhey you got your links list up!

You should put a link to your jeweelery site on too - share your lovely creations with the blogging world. (Jan's stuff is fantastic and everyone should have at least one piece in their collection ;-))

I don't cope well with the onset of winter either Jan, but this year has been much better for me, having this sunnier, milder October has made it so much easier - usually by the end of Septmeber my shoulders are drooping at the very thought of oncoming darkness and dreariness.

Rhi said...

Hi Jan. I know exactly what you mean about this autumn weather, we had a big windy storm last night, brrrrr. Still, its a good excuse to leave the weeds and stay in my craft room playing.

I can't wait to see more of your jewellery on your blog, your freeform bracelets are simply stunning and so completely unique. good luck with the fair, knock em dead!

Paula J Atkinson said...

Hi Jan,
thanks for playing along with my crafty questions. I've never tagged or been tagged but fancied asking what others get up to so I know more about the people I share my hobby with.I really liked your answers they are totally different.
Love to see some of this jewellery it all sounds gorgeous & a very autumnal setting for them.
I hate dark nights as matching colours for paper is a nightmare but I do love snuggling on the sofa with hot chocolate!!!!!

Jane said...

hiya Jan, just stopping by and thought I'd let you know I'm lurking and reading and sending smiles and waves