Saturday, October 21, 2006

If anyone ever reads my blog please bear with me - I'm completely new to blogging and only want to have a go so I can join in with some friends on an exciting new card makers blog.

I'm Jan from the North East of England and my hobbies are what have kept me sane for the past few years since I have been unable to work full time, in my usual job in retail management due to increasing health problems with arthritis in my spine, knees and wrists.

I am mad about beads and collect them from any and every source, when I can bear to actually use any I make jewellery including bracelets and brooches and especially enjoy a style called freeform peyote - heres just one of the bracelets I've made.

I also use beads on many of the cards I make too as my other hobby is papercraft. I have been making handmade cards for about 4 years now and have also dabbled with scrapbooking too.

I'm a member of a monthly scrapaholics crop which I love attending as I get so much input from other members it can last me a month to use up all the inspiration!


Saffa said...

OOh Jan great to have you with us!!

LOVE THE PICCY by the way!!

Look forward to seeing your cards!


Kathy said...

Heyyyyy Jan What a great surprise to see you finding your way into Blogland!

Welcome to one of the most addictive ways to wander the world that I've ever found. I can't resist following the links in comments left on my friends blogs - such fun to "meet" all thses new people.

This is the only diary I've ever managed to keep for more than a couple of weeks - I think it's the mix of chat, photos and links to other places that makes it so much fun.

Hope you enjoy too

Oblibby said...

Welcome to bloggy world, Jan. Long time no speak - how are you getting on?

Beadyjan said...

Ooh girls how exciting to read your comments.

I just wish I understood more about blogging! can anyone tell me (in one syllable words) how to add links to your blogs from my blog??

Rhi (Broken Account) said...

Hi Jan! Great to see you :D

For the links thing, if you go to edit blog, then edit template, one of your sections on the side is already set up as a links section there. You just add the web addy in including the http://

Or thats what I do in beta, but not sure if its the same for you!

Tracey said...

Welcome to Blogdom Jan - where abouts in NE England are you from? I'm from Blyth in Northumberland.