Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Art classes

Because I've been wittering and Twittering on about how much I'm enjoying my beginners art classes I thought I'd share a couple of the pictures I've created since I started classes about 2 months ago.

Please bear in mind that I'm in my 50's never really done much sketching or painting since I was at school and these are the very first things I've completed, however I'm enjoying it so much and thats the main thing isn't it? I only went along to keep a friend company and I'm so glad she persuaded me to go with her.
I thought I was going to like paiting with watercolours best but when I tried them I found it rather difficult to control the colour and when we tried acrylics I hated it as I hate getting my hands sticky or messy and they are very messy.
What I am loving is working with coloured pencils, and pastels.
The picture of the tiger is done in Cretacolour pastel pencils which I treated myself to on Sunday when I went to the arts and crafts show at the NEC Birmingham.
The landscape with boats I did in WHSmiths artist quality watercolour pencils and the fruit was the very first picture I did at my first lesson and its done in soft pastels.
The pictures have come up in reverse order to how I wanted them as the most recent picture is at the top and the oldest at the bottom but I can't work out how to change the order - maybe my next class should be a basics of computing?
I'm not completely happy with my work yet but its a fair start, and I can see TONS of room for improvement but I'm fairly happy that I've managed to produce something that actually looks something like what I intended it to, thanks for looking.