Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just listed 2 necklaces in my Folksy shop

I've just listed a couple of necklaces in my Folksy shop

The first one I've called caramel crunch as the yummy colours remind me of caramel and toffe and icecream and the handmade wire beads I've made and added to it add a crunchy texture.

Please CLICK HERE if you'd like to buy it and you can also see more pictures of it

Caramel crunch beaded necklace £9.00

This one has been mentioned here on my blog - I made it for myself but as I've never worn it I decided to offer it for sale, its really ruch and exotic and I've called it Kasbah necklace!

If you're interested in seeing more pics and maybe buying it, do call by my Folksy shop - please CLICK HERE


JAN said...

wow two gorgeous necklaces but i adore the Kasbah fringed beaded necklace is true you ever make seed beaded amulets are a master beader

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Jan! Thanks so much for coming over for a visit and leaving your sweet comment. Your jewelry is quite lovely. I've enjoyed looking at it all. Have a great week!

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