Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New car and sofas

The other day I collected my new (second hand) car - she's a nippy little hatchback by Hyundai isn't she cute? Its going to take a bit of getting used to being behind the wheel again after almost 10 years of not driving! But so far so good.

All my other cars have had names - there was Ozzy the (Austin) mini, Fifi the fiat, Vicky the Vauxhall - suggestions (clean please) for a name for my Hyundai Getz very welcome just add to the comments at the end.

Today we finally got the new sofas we ordered at Easter! two 2 seater sofas nice and squashy and a nice ig footstool which I can use as a workbox for my current beading project - its bigger outside and smaller inside than I really wanted but it matches the sofas. I got plain grey and then I can add touches of colour with scatter cushions when I fancy a bit of a change.

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Kerstin Shed said...

A new car and a new sofa? You definitely had a good day! Well, handling the wheel again after a decade might get a little getting used to. But you will get the hang of it once you get used to the vehicle. Just start slow. And after a tiring day of driving around the block, you can rest a little on your new sofa. Sounds cool right?

Kerstin Shed