Monday, February 02, 2009

Snowy Monday

Like much of Britain we awoke to find several inches of snow and freezing temperatures. I just can't get warmed through even with the heating on full blast and my thick fluffy socks and slipper boots on my toes are like icicles.

Last week I had a horrid week hence no new posts. My oven went on the blink and couldn't be fixed so I've been living on microwaved and wok fried meals.

Today my new oven is due to be delivered, so I'm hoping the waether won't delay or postpone its arrival. I NEED my oven!

My cat Smokey has been really poorly, we took him to the vet last week who gave him two injections and if he wasn't any better by Monday to take him back. He is no better so as soon as my delivery arrives I'll be taking him back there. Fingers crossed, I'm quite worried about him - he looks as though he might have had a stroke or something he's all lopsided and wobbly on his paws.

I had a lovely day on Saturday, went to Sheffield to meet up with about 20 on-line friends I've met through a book exchange site Read it Swap it
We all went to LA Tasca Spanish Tapas restuarant and had a good old gossip and stuffed our faces. A great day out.

My lovely new cooker arrived and is safely installed, I haven't really tried it out much yet but I'm sure I'll be creating some gourmet delicacaies very soon - ha ha (I'm the worlds worst cook)

Took Smokey back to the vets and we're not really any further forward, They still don't know for sure what's wrong but suggested we may want to wait a few more days and see if he improves (the antibiotics are slow release so may take a little longer before they show results)
If not, we could consider leaving him at the vet hospital for some quite lengthy, expensive tests and trials including the risk of a general anaesthetic to do them, which might be quite stressful/ risky for him, so at the moment we are waiting and taking it day by day.

I don't want to tempt fate but he seems a touch more alert and lively today so I'm crossing all my digits that he can turn the corner without hospitalisation.


Ellen said...

how is Smokey Jan? did you mangae to take him back to the vet?

there is just a sprinkling of snow on the hill tops here, nothing on the ground , thats the west-coast for you .

AZIZAH said...

I love the trinkets and the costume jewellery you have created. So lovely.
Thanks for sharing your ideas on bookscraping and craft work.

Love from Singapore.

MelMel said...

Have you been enjoying your new cooker?

Thank you for popping in!xxx