Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Beading circle

Today was the first meeting of my beading circle at the local Community centre.

I'd advertised it widely and 10 people said they'd be coming. However only 4 turned up (plus one who turned up as we were all packed up and leaving as they'd got the time wrong!)

I think the weather might have put some people off as it was dreadfully windy.

We had a lovely time talking about beading, however only one member had done any beading before the others all fancied giving it a try so I set everyone off making a simple memory wire wrap bracelet and a pair of matching earrings.

Everyone did really well and we all ended up wearing our makes. Heres Julie threading her beads on to the memory wire.

Sue planned her bracelet carefully by sorting out the beads and laying them out in the order she was going to use them.

Aided by a fortifyling cuppa Judy carefully planned her bead arrangement

Heres Sharon modelling her lovely green creation

Judy chose shades of brown

Sue made this pretty pink set

If you'd like to try beading this workshop is available by arrangement for small or larger groups.
Contact me for details by email at Beadyjan@yahoo.co.uk