Saturday, January 11, 2014

My favourite necklace

Although one thing which I would say most defines my jewellery is colour, probably my favourite ever necklace I made is this monochromatic beadwovenfreeformbrickstitch creation, which is the one which received the most compliments and comments. It was a bit of a challenge for me to work mainly in neutrals rather than the bright shades I'm used to but I managed to cram in as many shades and textures of black, white, grey, ivory, pearl, gold and bronze that I could find.

It has now gone to a loving new home to an owner who loved it so much she nearly made me cry with her generous praise and I must admit it looked sensational around her neck! It took me ages (and a few pricked fingers) to complete, but I think the end result justified the effort.

To make it, I began by making the first 5 (top row) full circle medallions, by brick stitching around a bead, then I stitched the 5 together, then began to work freeform brick stitch around them until it was the right size and made smaller brick stitch circles each one formed off the one before as the neck chain part. Its a really big bib style collar and a complete conversation piece - a real statement necklace. I am going to make another soon - just trying to decide what colours to use this time - any suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

You are really talented...I'm just getting started with bead weaving and this is such an inspiration to not give it up...

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