Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Trying to find inspiration

I can't believe its been over a year since I've blogged about anything craft related. I've been posting on my book blog but apart from that I haven't been doing a huge amount of crafting we've been kept busy with a rather fraught house move which has included downsizing. Anyway we're now settled in our lovely brand new house. Most of my craft materials apart from a box of beads had to go into storage and I had to have a serious de-clutter!

Now we've got a bit more sorted out I've managed to commandeer the smallest bedroom as a craft room and although its pretty hard to work in there compared to my last huge studio, as everything has to be put away after use (then found again which is the hardest bit)

I've joined a couple of local groups trying to get my creative juices flowing, one is called Open Arts at the Darlington Arts Centre, its open to everyone and is aimed at mood enhancement and helping beat depression and mental health problems through art and crafts - which I think is fabulous.

We do all kinds of crafts from painting and pottery to papercrafts and textile art. Every week either a guest tutor or demonstrator comes in to run a workshop, or a member does a demonstration or workshop. I took in some of my beadwork and they've asked me to hold a couple of classes - which I'm nervous about doing but busy planning as I do love to share my love of beading.

I've also been very inspired by the beautiful textile art, embroidery and felting which I've seen there and am trying my hand at that ( like I NEED another craft to obsess over!!)

I've also met a lady there who runs a craft group and has asked me to show some of her ladies some card making ideas as they have lots of materials which they had donated and don't know how to use, including rubber stamps and embossing powders and lots of embossing boards and stuff.

I'm SOOO out of practice not having done any cardmaking for over 4 years I'm having to sit down and reteach myself so I don't make an absolute fool of myself.

So I'm scouring the internet for ideas and inspiration once again. Especially looking for ideas and tutorials on using the keepsake embossing boards like bookatrix, majestic and romance, so if You know any good projects or tutorials or have any ideas for using them on your blog or site please leave a link in your comment.

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Cathy said...

Hi, I have to say that cards is one of the few crafts that is not in my repertoire...just not neat enough! I am thrilled you are rekindling the craft bug...reclaim that craft room!!