Saturday, November 20, 2010

Folksy :: Buy "Evening in Paris Beadwork Necklace"

Folksy :: Buy "Evening in Paris Beadwork Necklace": "Evening in Paris Beadwork Necklace

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I handmade this one of a kind beadwork necklace from a selection of my prettiest beads in shades of mid to deepest blue with touches of green, lilac and purple.

First I made the centrepiece by beadworking a Peyote twist which spirals naturally then I embellished it by intricately working rows and rows of freeform beadwork across and around the spiral twist.

I then added a couple of sperkling blue beads to each end and mounted it on a dainty beadwoven double netted row of small beads and finished it with a Tibetan silver loop and secure rollover claw clasp.

It measures approx 19' long which is a really nice length to flatter your neck and comfy to wear.

You can dress this necklace up or down by evening it will grace the most elaborate ballgown or little blue party dress.

If you can'r bear to stop wearing it by day it will look just as fab nestled in a V neck cashmere sweater, or worn with a checked cotton shirt and jeans.

Its a one-off and a real conversation piece - absolutely stunning.

Old Teddy begged to model it - doesn't he look cute? But it will look even better on YOU !"


LindyLouMac said...

Beautiful pieces both this and the last post. I have seen very similar pieces on craft stalls here in Italy, so you are producing very stylish jewellery that the Italian ladies would love.

Tracy said...

Stopping by from Link Love - looking forward to your visit @ - Take care,

Vampyre Gurls Book Club Blog said...

HI! This necklace is absolutely GORGEOUS! Is it still avail? Would you mail to the USA? Please let me know ASAP! :) fcolemanct @ yahoo . com
Your blog is beautiful & your pieces are gorgeous. I am excited to see more!

Vampyre Gurls Book Club Blog said...

sorry to double comment but I like the "Hand beaded donut pendant on ribbon and thong - special offer only £6" (it is in shades of blue), also a "book mark" & the "nebula earrings aqua/gold". :)
Are these items avail & if so can u please give me an estimate & shipping prices (the cheapest option 4 shipping again :)