Friday, April 16, 2010

Playing with buttons

I'm loving making jewellery from buttons - its such fun and they look so lavish and rich when I've finished.

Firstly theres the Button Lovers Rococo Necklace

Rich and lavish in deep shades of pink, blue, green, amber with a selection of large metallic buttons. Available now in my Folksy shop

Then last night I completed this ornate pastel bracelet for button fanatics. It's inspired by the style of Marie Antoinette so I called it "Let them Eat Buttons"
Its really lovely and the ice cream shades are pefectly suited to long summer days.
You can see more pictures of it in my Folksy shop

Thanks for looking everyone.


B Reading said...

Beautiful creations, Jan. I have placed an order for a pair of earrings for my daughter's birthday. I love your stuff and will be looking to purchase again in the future.

LindyLouMac said...

Hi, I love the last photo of the button bracelet.

Millie D said...

These are really lovely.

Yukkie Jenny said...

Necklace is funny and brascelet is just amazing!
Jane, I've got parcel from you
and I'm completely ecxited! :)

B Reading said...

Jan, just to let you know the earrings were a great success. My daughter absolutely loves them. I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

JivesJools said...

Gorgeous, love the colours!

Silver Strands said...

Wow! I never knew so many BEAUTIFUL things could be made from buttons! Glad I happened upon your blog :)


Unknown said...

I've really enjoyed looking at your blog. I love making jewellery and don't have the patience for seed bead work so love to admire!! Beautiful pieces. E x

Unknown said...

Wow - they look great! I have never done beading but dont think I would have the patience for such tiny detailed work!