Friday, January 22, 2010

Red necklace

I've been a lazy blogger and I really don't know why, the bad weather recently has had me stuck indoors a lot of the time and I could/should have been updating my blog but I've just been reading other peoples blogs, catching up on reading lots of books. I have been doing a bit of crafting and heres a necklace I made for Christmas.

I'm also trying to get myself motivated to get back into papercrafting as its a while since I've done any.

I've been entering a whole load of competitions trying to win myself a nice prize but so far nothings turned up - still you have to be in it to win it don't you? Fingers crossed!


LindyLouMac said...

Good to see you back Jan :)

Ellen said...

i know the feeling jan, i have not been in my craftvan for weeks now but am still doing digital stuff and have mostly finished a crochet afghan , knitted n aran baby jersey and read loads of books.
(btw that little girl in a box is digital0

if you look on my blog there are afew nice challenge blogs and on most of them you're free to do something "real" or digi style

nice necklace, it reminds me of indians

Elaine. said...

Oh this is gorgeous, stunning, what a wonderful ruby red necklace, you are very talented.