Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catching up

Ok I've been really naughty not keeping up with my blogging!

Two excuses, I was having huge problems opening blogs because of some conflict with IE which seems to be rectified now, fingers crossed!

I've also been spending quite a lot of time at our caravan, where its gorgeous and peaceful but theres not even any mobile phone coverage let alone internet access, so I have't seemed able to get caught up properly with blogging and emailing.

OK heres a few photos - This is the farmland where the caravan site is

This is the view of Kirkcarrion above the site late one sunny August evening

Heres our favourite tearooms in Middleton in Teesdale

And me sitting outside reading (bad photo of me but I've never been what you'd call photogenic)

It was my birthday back in July and I recieved a Sony E-reader from my other half as I'm a very keen reader. I LOVE it, its easier to hold than most books, and I can carry literally hundreds of books with me in my hanbag wherever I go, there are also some great free ebooks to download legally.

heres a huge list of free romance books and stories to download

And a variety of different kinds of books here
If you don't have a Sony reader you can read ebooks on your PC, laptop or PDA. I wish I'd known about them when I worked in the call centre. I could have sat at my work pc with an ebook open and read it between calls! Theres even loads online so you can read them anywhere you have internet access. Not that I'm encouraging anyone to sit reading when they should be working - Oh ok I AM encouraging you to do that - why not!

I've had a few nice days out with friends, my mate Sue and I have jumped on a bus and been to the coast and a couple of nice country villages and enjoyed a stroll and afternoon tea.
I had a lovely meet up with 2 book loving friends, we all went to Annes house in Wetherby for lunchj then had a lovely look around the shops in Wetherby - its a lovely place for a couple of hours mooching with some great charity shops crammed with bargains, a few lovely upmarket gift and craft shops and a recently opened fabulous discount bookshop.
I've recently discovered Spotify where you can listen to some great quality music how about listening to some Goldfrapp
or if you prefer heavy rock you could give Chickenfoot a listen
I'm still going to my creative writing group every other Monday and enjoying it a lot - though I don't think I'll ever be happy enough with anything I've written to attempt getting it published!

Finally, a question for anyone who reads my blog - What do you or would you enjoy reading about, seeing pictures of, or having links to most of all on my future blog posts?
Please let me know by adding a comment.
Thanks for popping by, hope to see you again soon.


MelMel said...

Nice to get away, My Mum is going to her caravan for 2 wks, she needs a break..bless her!

Lovely to see you back!xx

Kate said...

I just love your blog and the crafty projects that you have on here. I always think it is lovely to see fellow crafters' work. We are off a week on Friday on holiday to visit my partner's dad and then to see my family in Norfolk. I can't wait. Love Kate,xx