Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Scrapbook page

Its quite cold today but we did manage to spend an hour or so in the garden, cutting back some shrubs and trees which has tidied up the back garden and surprised a few birds when they came down to my seed feeder to find half the tree they sit in, gone!

Doing a bit of hard graft has made me feel justified in spending the remains of the afternoon indoors, on my computer making a few scrapbook pages.

The other day I downloaded the excellent free photo editing programme and am learning how to use that to make scrapbook pages and digital collages. I'm not very Au Fait with it yet but have managed to make one or two.

I cheated a little with this one by using a gorgeous ready made quickpage by Pam Lefors Designs and just added a couple of images.

The pictures I used are of really poor quality. They were taken over 30 years ago on a really cheap and tacky camera. Since then they were stuck in a non acid free album which faded and damaged them. I came across them and even though they're so poor they are the only photos I have of my little dog Ben who died a few weeks after these photos were taken.

Even though he was just a baby when he died and spend just a few short months with me so many many years ago, I have never forgotten my lovely sweet baby Ben.

This way a few more people can share him.

He was a miniature long haired dachsund and the big white dog was his best friend whose name was Hypo and belonged to a neighbour. Even though Ben was so tiny he could sit in the palm of my hand he was a feisty little chap and used to run this big puppy ragged, jumping all over him and showing him who was boss.

I hope you like the scrapbook page.


Emma said...

Fantastic page, your doggie looks so cute...I am starting to try my hand at scrapbooking but need more hours in the day!!!
Emma x

Heart to Hand Creations said...

What a beautiful page...very elegant! Scrapbooking looks like fun but as Emma said....there needs to be more hours in the day!

Beth said...

You visited my blog last night and entered my OWOH giveaway. So I popped over to enter yours. I Love your beautiful necklaces you make.
I am really getting into jewelry making and love to meet new friends who are into to it too.
I also have started doing digital collages and scrapbooking. My newest post on my blog has a few that I have done this week. I use Adobe Photoshop elements. But I am going to check out the link that you have too. Love your page that you did! I have some links to other digital scrapbooking sites and they have tutorials and great sales on their digital downloads.
Pop back over and let me know if you want me to send you some!
Really nice to meet you!

ChatElaine said...

This is a fantastic page I love it!! Lovely jewellery too. Hope to pop back again.